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"I heard of ProfessionalDiets.com from my brother who actually resides in Israel and had much success along with his wife following Custom Diet Plans designed by Todd of ProfessionalDiets.com. I had lost some weight over a year and a half however got to a point where I was overtraining and really going nowhere.  I have been working with Todd for 3 months now, and he has opened my eyes to things I have never thought were possible nor effective. I am a medical doctor (physician) who has 2 specialties in medicine for which I needed to study and train for 15 years. Unfortunately, we don't get into nutrition in our medical studies, other than the obvious of when is a low salt diet needed, low fat, high protein etc.., however nothing equipped me with the knowledge to help me reach my goals, lose weight and reach ultimate health. I have to admit that when I first started working with Todd I was a bit hesitant, however, this experience was one of those where you come for a certain goal, however the journey ends up being more thrilling! I thought his diet recommendations will be only for the time needed for me to  just lose the weight, I ended up adopting for a lifetime! Besides the weight loss, energy and better performance at the gym, my mood and concentration improved in ways I could not imagine prior to working with Todd! What I thought was healthy prior to working with Todd, is now I see, not close to where I am today. In the last 3 months I have already lost 12Kg ( 26.4lbs). I lost the weight in a healthy way, while not losing my hair and continuing to get stronger at the gym. Todd has also become more than just a doctor who prescribes my diet, however he has encouraged me and lifted me up, something that is beyond what I had expected. He answers my email immediately! which is honestly quite amazing. He has become a coach and a mentor. He has opened my eyes to many facts I had dismissed, simply cause they seemed foreign to me, and to the medical world I come from. The price I paid him, is really nothing to the gift of health he has given me. Thank you Todd!"

Khuloud Shukha, MD


"The numbers are in:

Prior to working with ProfessionalDiets.com (4-6-18)

Triglycerides -292

HDL - 34

LDL - 175


After working with ProfessionalDiets.com for 3 months (7-5-18)

Triglycerides - 68 (amazing!!!!!!)

HDL - 40

LDL - 93


The nurse couldn’t believe the results!!! No need for that Lipitor!! Thanks again!!"

Kevin M.


Things are going very well! I honestly noticed a difference within 1 whole day of my new diet routine. In less than a week I lost 8 lbs. We don’t have a scale in the condo so I haven’t been able to weigh myself first thing in the morning. I feel so much leaner around my stomach, which is awesome because I was bloated ALL THE TIME. I wake up with much more energy too! You are a wizard!

Molly Malloy


"I'm not sure if this is related to my recent dietary/lifestyle changes but today is the first rainy day in probably 20+ years that I don't feel suicidally depressed!  It's amazing, so thanks!" :)

Alexandra Birbrower


"Everything is going really well Todd! I had to throw away all my jeans and shirts that were 38 waists and tight for 34's that are slightly loose! I saw my girls last night for dinner and they both looked amazing and we're all loving our new nutrition plans and workouts! Thanks to you and our dedication!"

Kevin Ray


"I was stuck in the proverbial rut. I had failed to maintain optimal health for the better part of the last 12 years. The last time I was in shape was in 2006 while competing in, and winning, bodybuilding contests. However, life moved on, but, unfortunately, my overall health and wellness stayed back. I continued to weight train, perform cardio, and cross-train on different levels, but I neglected the most important part of the equation, my diet.  I ate “whatever.”  Sub-optimal lab work, hypertension, GERD, daily headaches due to chronic dehydration, chronic fatigue, and adrenal exhaustion (4-6 cups of coffee daily at minimum), forced me to question and reevaluate myself and my goals. I'd tried and failed on "Macro-only" based diet plans that cost $1,000 for only numbers! (consume this many calories) The answer was easy: ProfessionalDiets.com.  I contacted Todd Ganci and he replied immediately! Which virtually never happens in the Fitness Industry! During the next few days, I had filled out the comprehensive health evaluation and submitted it. Todd took the time to design and customize the diet plan based on me and my individual needs. This is not the typical cookie cutter plan that dishes out numbers only. This is a comprehensive, life-changing plan that I began to utilize immediately after receiving it. I have not looked back since.  I do not miss ANYTHING about my former lifestyle!  I have dropped 20 pounds in the last 3 months, and I feel amazing!  I haven’t remotely looked this way since 2006, and I have no plans on stopping. I no longer rely on exorbitant amounts of caffeine to get through the day, I haven’t had a headache in the past 3 months, the GERD has disappeared, I have tons of energy, and I no longer crave the junk I had been consuming over the last 12 years. I have followed the customized plan to the “T.”  As Todd puts it, “You are consuming turbo fuel that is correct for your system.”  My renewed health and training sessions provide the evidence, and I couldn’t agree more!  I actually feel BETTER than I did 12 years ago. This weight loss was the easiest I have ever encountered.  Todd has not only provided a diet plan, but he has provided a lifestyle plan that will be easy to follow for the rest of my life. Hiring Todd as my coach has been an absolute game changer, and I will be forever thankful to him!  I’m really looking forward to seeing where we go from here. He also designed a Custom Plan for my wife and her transformation has been incredible as well! Our entire family is eating better, losing body-fat and getting healthier through the holidays!! Thank you Todd!!"

Shawn Durant, RN


"Just checking in, another 4 pound weight loss, so total of 12 for two weeks! Very excited! I have never lost weight this fast before on any other plan. Due to my work/sleep schedule I only workout  about three days a week. 45 minutes cardio and 10 to 15 minutes of weights."

Sellina Scanlon, RN


“You answer emails incredibly quickly and in detail, I'm impressed with that! Loved reading the Newsletter! Today is a full week of following everything to the "T" and I have to tell you I feel so good! I don't have that bloated and weighted down feeling anymore. It's great! I love the food! I'm full and satisfied all the time and realized last night I haven't had any sort of cravings!! Your coaching/diet has been the best by far of all the diets/coaches I’ve had!!! I'm looking forward to the weeks ahead!!!"

Deanna DiSalvo



"I will tell you that it is the best thing I have ever done for myself is hiring ProfessionalDiets.com! Todd will give you what you need to get in the best shape of your life. I thank God every day for him. I was very sick with asthma and a collapsed lung. He recommended vitamin and herbs for my health problems and then made a diet based on me, my system and body type. It has worked sooo well. I want to shout it out on the roof tops. I've had high cholesterol the past few years and have refused to take medicine for it. I got my blood test results back this week and my doctor was very impressed. My bad cholesterol had dropped about 118 points and my good cholesterol was raised by 35. He said I'm in normal ranges now!! How awesome it that?!! He really made my life better. I've lost 32 pounds. Have been able to work out longer and harder with higher weight and I look fantastic. My Husband and my personal trainer say I could give 20 year old a run for their money. If you are serious about losing weight and getting healthy Todd Ganci (ProfessionalDiets.com) is the way to go. He personally will answer any question quickly! You get your food at the local health food store. I thinks it's delicious. I am now down 32 pounds and 4 dress sizes. I've been busy purging my closet of my bigger clothes so I can now make room for my smalls and size 6. Yaaa hooooo. I can't recommend him enough. He is worth every penny. I've put on clothes from before I got sick (size 4 and 6's) not expecting them to fit and THEY DID. I cried with happiness!"

Stacey Dresser


"My goal was dropping to a size 12 by Christmas, I hit that goal yesterday! A week and a half early...and no "loose fitting leisure suit" ...blue jeans! lol I called my friend and cried! You really had the key that I was missing. I have not worn a size 12 in all of my adult life!! Onto a 10! :) Happy Holidays!"

Nicole Peluse


"Morning! Will email details tmrw but weighed in and I'm down 15.6 lbs morning from the when we started! I was too busy thinking I was the largest woman you tried to help. And my confidence 7 or so wks ago was NOT high! Today I thank you for the way I feel and live today! I still have a long way to go, but I'm going to do it living and eating well! Thank you so much!"

Debra Beal


"I put the scale away but clothes are big and belly is flat and I feel  good- no headaches, no tummy issues, and no sniffles or other stuff everyone seems to have."

Caroline O.


"Well I've been on the diet for about 2 weeks now and i just wanted to say you are a diet God! I've tried so many different diets over the few years i've been in this sport, low carb, low fat, no carb, etc. but this is the first one i've seen really work and quickly. The best part is I don't feel like i'm dieting at all! Just wanted to let you know I'm very impressed and the diet is easily worth double what I paid!"

Jesse Drach


"I received the customized plan, I love it! The work day plan is terrific! Love the supplement layout. Love everything about it. 8 DAYS LATER - Diet going very well. The work day plan works very well. Able to get everything in. Was down to 184lbs this AM. Feeling strong, feeling all around better too! More energy, healthier!...

Shawn Durant


"Your help and suggestions around my diet and supplements in regards to my high cholesterol have worked nothing short of amazing. Last time we spoke, I had come from a total cholesterol of 300 down to 235, and LDLs came from 258 to 180. My cholesterol is now 189 and LDL's are at 130. This is a lifetime low! My doctor is left scratching his head and actually wrote down the supplements I used. Once again, thank you."

Mike Dameri


"To date my wife and I have observed some pretty impressive results and it's only been 3 weeks on this diet! This is more than I have experienced on any other diet! I can't thank you enough, it's truly changing my life!"

Dana Anderson


"I lost 26lbs. in 5 weeks!"

Sam Bonacci


"I've been on the plan for less than 2 weeks and I already see my body changing."

Joe Williams


"I've been on the diet for 8 weeks, my allergies which have plagued me my whole life are gone!" Thank You!

Julie Byrne


"I feel great! I have a lot more energy! I'm sticking to my diet 100% and I feel stronger at the gym and I have increased my max speed on the treadmill! Seeing changes in my pictures just gives me more motivation!"

Jennifer Palumbo



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