It is not often in life that you meet someone who can change your direction in a positive way, if you do, hold on tight, revel in the moments, and take flight.It was over 10 years ago that I last competed, I had a bad experience with the politics involved, and stepped away from the stage & the sport of Bodybuilding. I have been into Fitness & Bodybuilding for over 35 years, & I never let myself go, but I was not as focused as in my late 40's and early 50's, and basically went through the motions of training with very little results. I was eating well (I thought), but was swimming upstream. I was beginning to lose hope and saw a friend of mine, Stacy DeGelormo (see above testimonial), go through this amazing transformation through, with Coach, Todd Ganci. After years of frustration, I emailed Todd, and not only did he immediately make me feel like the most important person in his professional arena, he, through the Internet, took my hand and guided me down a path that I never thought I would walk again. The flight began! On the Custom Diet Plan I consumed much larger quantities of food than I imagined I would and continually got leaner day by day! My husband would ask me "Is that your food for the day? I'd respond no, that's for this meal, and I already ate half of it and I have 6 meals per day! He was floored!! Now 3 months later, with Todd's guidance, encouragement, steadfastness, and brilliance, I have experienced a rebirth, if you will. The transformation in my body is so profound, that I can't stop looking at it, I'm so proud! June 21, 2014,@ 62.5 years young, I competed in my first competition in 10 yrs and took the stage with a vengeance, and confidence. I placed 1st in FitBody Master's over 40, and 2nd in Figure Masters. If I could meet Todd Ganci, I might hurt him my hugs, and gratitude. This man has changed my life, not only physically but mentally as well. I have never felt or looked better, proving Todd Ganci, in all his brilliance, can change the direction of your life, simply by teaching you to eat the correct foods for you! What an amazing revelation! There is no stopping me now! Thank you Todd Ganci for showing me how to love life again! You are a true Guru!

Glynna Schlesinger - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2014 INBF Hercules - Master's FitBody Winner

Classic Figure 50+ - 2nd Place (she's 62.5 years old!)



Scott Mittelstaedt




Todd Ganci of Professional is one of the most incredible people I know. Todd has been guiding me nutritionally for years. He has worked with me diligently through many seasons of my life - including

my first pregnancy and my most recent 2010 WNBF World Figure Title win! Pregnancy definitely took its toll on my body, I was working 12-13 hours a day (on my feet) as a personal trainer. Eventually, the pressure from standing on my feet and lifting heavy objects all day caused me to go into premature labor. I was in the hospital for one full week and was released with strict orders for bed rest! Bed rest is every pregnant woman's nightmare! Three months of bed rest was one of the most difficult things I have been through in all of my life! I was used to being very active and working out on a daily basis. The medication my

doctor had me on made me nauseous so I was only able to keep a few things down! Needless to say, after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl (Bella) in July of 2009 - Todd had his work cut out for him! My body was a wreck! I wasn't able to get out of bed for 3 long months. The funny part of that is, I lost so much muscle and gained so much body fat that by the end of my pregnancy I had only gained 7lbs. To those of you who are in bodybuilding know that gaining 7lbs of fat while losing a lot of

muscle looks much worse than it sounds. My entire physique was in shambles. I honestly wondered if I would EVER get my "pre baby" body back. Todd was determined to help me, and provided me with constant positive affirmation and support. Todd asked me to think of a few goals that I would like to achieve in the upcoming year. I am a BIG dreamer, so I told him that I would like to win the overall WNBF World Figure Title in 2010. Todd immediately began tailoring a plan specific to my needs, and that is where my journey toward the overall WNBF World Figure Title began! I had to work extra hard, and instead of just going the extra mile it seemed as if I had to run an entire marathon to bounce back from my pregnancy. My precious newborn never slept which left this working mom beyond exhausted. Once Todd helped me get into a routine, I began to notice a difference in my physique. Finally, my body was beginning to change and this time for the better! I had a short amount of time to build back the hard earned muscle which I had lost while on bed rest. I had to overcome a plethora of adversity preparing for the WNBF World Title including pregnancy-induced hypothyroidism. My doctor was flabbergasted that I was able to get as lean as I did! It was also a challenge to get an ample amount of sleep. My husband starts work at 4:45am every morning. In order for me to get my morning cardio in, I had to get up at 3am and do it before my husband left for work. To say the least, it was a battle to get super lean and shredded! Just as he had done in 2006, Todd dialed in my nutrition and supplement plan that dialed me into the greatest shape and win of my life!

Amy Llinas Lynch - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2006 NPC Northern States Figure - Overall Winner

2010 WNBF Figure World Championships - Overall Winner

2012 WNBF Figure World Championships - Overall Winner




Todd is the man, no question about it! I want everyone reading this to know where I am coming from with this testimonial. If I do not truly believe in the quality of a product or service I will not recommend it to others or endorse it. That being said Todd is the real deal and I have no issue telling everyone how great his coaching is! I went with Todd for my first two competitions because I knew Todd would get me where I wanted to be. If you have ever considered competing, go with Todd!

He customizes everything to you, your system, body type, your schedule... and makes it so incredibly simple to follow! From the initial assessment all the way to the day of the show! All you have to do is execute and you will come in to your show shredded! I felt so confident on stage for my first two shows because of all the guidance Todd had given me from diet, training, posing, tanning, pumping up for prejudging…360 degrees!…. everything single thing you need to know for your show Todd will tell you! Don’t be afraid to ask questions! I’d be a liar if along the way I didn’t have my doubts and worries, but Todd reassured my confidence and encouraged my transformation every step of the way. Not only is Todd a great coach he is a great guy. Todd doesn't waste time on BS, he only uses what really works and gets results. At the end of the day I don’t consider Todd just a coach,

I consider him my friend and will be coming back for more competition preps in the future!

 Matt Wilbur - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2012 INBF Monster Mash - 3rd Place Novice & 4th Place (under 24 division)




Let me cut to the chase and say this first – is unlike any other service available. It is literally a customized plan, taking into consideration an individual’s lifestyle, goals, needs and desires. It is not a “diet” per se, it is not a hit and run, quick-fix, temporary “band –aid” to get results for just one day, one week, or one month. It is a long term and permanent lifestyle solution. Todd (aka provides the feedback, coaching and direction to guide people to their ultimate potential. This is the key that every “diet” and every“dieter” has been missing. I know for me personally, I was KILLING myself trying to achieve the body that a) I wanted and b) would make me competitive as a bodybuilder. The biggest problem of course, was trying to maintain some sort of healthy balance, not just for my body, but on an emotional and mental level most importantly. My weight fluctuations and struggles caused me anxiety, binge eating, depression, and were truly jeopardizing my relationships. Plus, as a long time fitness industry professional, who felt as if she were losing a PERSONAL battle, it was diminishing my confidence as a trainer and coach. When I contacted Todd, I was disgusted with myself. I felt out of control and had no idea how live a life “between competitions” so to speak. How could I plan on looking like or being a “bodybuilder” just a few days a year, and then let my body decline along with my emotional and mental health. It did not make sense, and it was truly heartbreaking. I believe that anyone who has ever truly struggled with weight issues, or body image issues, knows this pain, and how it colors every aspect of your life. Many people might assume (especially as “fitness industry professional”) that my life has been lived in a “lean and fit” body always and easily. In reality, my life has been a constant struggle to achieve peace of mind when it comes to my body or my weight. Like many girls/women, I definitely “flirted” with my share of disordered eating through college. I tried different ways to “control” my life and my food intake: vegetarianism… one meal a day…. smoking. Sadly, if I could have figured out how to make myself throw up, I would have. I know I am not alone, and this is most likely describes or mirrors something that many people have experienced, but may never fully have come to terms with, and certainly not put into words. I think that it is important for me to share this so others who read this, know they are not alone. And in fact can not only come face to face with their “demons”, so to speak, but finally address them, and FREE THEMSELVES and their bodies! Professionalism will free you, I promise you that. So, needless to say, to the man,Todd Ganci, who helped me walk out of my own head---I am so grateful to you. There are no words (though I seem to have many most times) that can fully express my appreciation, admiration and extreme indebtedness that I feel- for you and for all that you have done for me. I will never be able to return this favor other than to tell everyone who will listen, that you are that person who changed my life forever. Sounds pretty dramatic, I know. To finally have peace of mind, happiness, energy, positive motivation….these are priceless gifts, that I achieved for myself  by trusting in, and my desire to in the end achieve a better day to day life. I don't want to sound like a paid advertisement (because this is not) but I feel very strongly! There is nothing EXTREME about, in fact, I believe most folks would be surprised at the amount of food (PLENTY!) that you will eat. More so, this is so much more than a diet, it is literally about a new life. Todd provides great feedback, positive and motivating support, and he takes the time to make this about you, the individual. The only thing anyone needs to have is the desire to feel better and be better. This is not about bodybuilding, for most of us, this is about living life to the fullest, because you are no longer CONSUMED by negative thoughts about your body, food, what you cannot eat etc…The results will speak for themselves. You will achieve your goals if you work with Todd. The only thing you need is the desire to succeed. And the willingness perhaps to let go of your “old ways” that did not, and do not work. Ok, back to me… in 3 months, from 8-7-05 to now- the fall 2005, I changed my body without sacrificing my health, my mental capacity, and I probably saved my marriage, by working with Todd. My “diet” before was your typical “low carb” diet that made no sense for my body, though it worked for others. Plus, I was eating foods that did not promote harmony in my body. Now that I am working with Todd, I have made changes and achieved personal goals that are tremendous, and if I can do it (I LOVE food) anyone can. I urge you to live your best life ever and stop beating yourself up. And finally, whether I “WIN” every (or any for that matter) bodybuilding competitions or not, I know that I am achieving my personal best. That is the bottom line. I am truly my own competition, because no trophy big or small can give you the self- esteem and confidence that you will get by being your best!. Thank you from the bottom of my …“lat spread”… ha ha –

I mean the bottom of my heart.

Bonnie Lefrak - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2006 INBF Northeast Classic Overall Winner

Director and Master Instructor

National Personal Training Institute






















"A year ago I never thought I would be stepping on stage. After seeing the results a friend of mine achieved with I decided to contact them. I used to think I knew a lot about what foods to eat and how to do it properly but after receiving my plan I realized that there is much more to dieting than cutting carbs and lots of cardio. Getting to the best shape of my life was well worth it! I feel great, look great and will never let myself go back to the way I looked when I started. If it wasn't for I never would have taken first place in my first bodybuilding contest. I lost 15lbs of unneeded body fat and gained the confidence to do something that I never thought I'd be able to. Thanks !"

Doug Paterson - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2005 INBF Monster Mash Novice Mens Winner





Working with Todd has all around been such a great experience for me! I'm happy, so much healthier, my 3 little boys are happy, and my husband is happy. I'm feeding them all so well and the house never ran smoother. The program you gave me forced me to order my life and has given me drive which I can't say I've had before. I am very grateful! The best part is my health is so much better; Within 5 weeks of your guidance on diet and training in the gym my cholesterol (which I’ve struggled with for 25 years) is the lowest it has ever been. At 41 years old I feel great, I recently competed for the first time, and best of all I am off half my cholesterol medication! My Doctor approves, my Kids & Husband approve, and I approve. I am grateful for the new life and health you have given me.Thank you.

Sherry McBride - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2009 INBF Fultons Fitness - Bodybuilding Overall Winner - WNBF PRO CARD WINNER




When I signed up with to prepare for my first natural bodybuilding show I was 227lbs and about 15% bodyfat. In 14 weeks time through using the nutrition program tailored for me by Todd Ganci, I was able to step on stage at 198lbs and less than 6% bodyfat. Todd is always accessible to answer any questions on any suggested supplement or food that he has incorporated into the plan. I never felt like I was going at it alone. He is extremely knowledgeable on nutrition, supplementation, workout routines, and cardio programs. I have never

worked with anyone as professional or dedicated as Todd. He takes this extremely seriously and if you follow his direction, you WILL reach your fitness goals.

Peter Cusson -  Lifetime Natural Competitor





"I can't thank Todd from enough for the customized and detailed plan that guided me in my first bikini competition (and placed third in Novice Bikini!). In deciding on a diet coach the fact that he was so prompt in his replies really stood out to me (having waited up to 72 hours with other potential coaches). I felt really comfortable with the plan and never felt deprived. I followed the plan exactly as he prescribed it and saw results on every check in. I lost weight, body fat, and inches! I couldn't have done it without him!"





"I've been training for years but never thought i could get lean enough to step on stage because of my slow metabolism. Todd proved me wrong. I am absolutely ripped. My confidence on stage was high because i know i was more conditioned than the other competitors. He takes all the guess work out of it. The results speak for themselves."

Tyson Haworth - Lifetime Natural Competitor




"Dreams can come true...Whether it be losing that last 10 pounds or actually stepping on stage in a figure competition. Todd Ganci at has changed my life for the better by providing me with a life long education in nutrition that will better my body for the future. Ever since I was a teenager I had dreamed of being a figure competitor but never thought it could come true. For years I battled with my weight and how to eat correctly until now. Todd transformed my body in a healthy way in only a matter of months. Now I am a client for life."

Ashley Davies - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2006 INBF Monster Mash - 2nd Place Novice Figure




I have gone to the gym and I believed that I had been eating healthy foods most of my life. I played sports and was always considered to be in good shape and in good physical condition. I fueled my body with what I thought were the proper nutrients to benefit my health, performance with sports, and physique. It was not until I was introduced to Todd through a mutual friend that I began to realize that I was not even close to reaching my full potential. I was unknowingly consuming

foods that were literally wreaking havoc on my system. I was unaware of my body chemistry, resting heart rate, etc. It was amazing to me how wrong I had been eating for years. In the time that I have been on Todd’s program, I have seen a dramatic difference in my physique. I have more energy then ever before and I have been gaining lean muscle mass and loosing fat simultaneously. I have also gotten stronger in the gym every week! Most people think of diets as depriving themselves of certain foods and/or being hungry. On this diet there is no time to be hungry because every meal is spaced out accordingly and each time you eat your body is utilizing all of the nutrients from that meal and before you know it, it is time to eat again! Your body begins to work at optimum efficiency in and out of the gym - this is critical for me, as I am the owner of two businesses and lead a very active life style. Todd has been great to deal with. He is very easy going, extremely knowledgeable, motivating, and always checking in to make sure that I am on track and feeling well. I am training for my first bodybuilding competition and I am confident that I will be prepared with Todd’s guidance. He has helped me with everything from diet and workouts to posing and he has given me enough nutritional information to write a book. It is obvious that Todd is very passionate about his profession, loves sharing his knowledge, and improving the quality of life of his clients. This “diet” really isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life that can help anyone who is willing to put a little time and effort into themselves, to gain optimum performance in whatever area of life they so desire.

Dan McQuillan -  Platinum Contracting, LLC

McQuillan's Painting Company, LLC




Maria Carolina Davis - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2009 Team Universe Lt. Wt. Winner




I am a business professional that competes in bodybuilding as a hobby. Because of my work schedule I'm only able to weight train about 5 months out of the year. I started competing in the late 90's with a contest diet that left me feeling hungry, hypoglycemic and miserable! I would constantly give in to the cravings, go off the wagon, eat donuts or worse! When I decided to make a come back and compete after a 9 year layoff I hired to design my pre-contest diet.

I received an incredibly comprehensive plan! I was never hungry, never hypoglycemic or miserable, it didn't even feel like I was dieting for a contest. My strength was increasing as the contest was approaching which is definitely a first for me. I showed up in the best shape of my life on contest day!

Bill Haseotes - Cumberland Farms & Gulf Oil

2006 NPC Metropolitan - 3rd Place Heavyweights

2006 NPC New England - 4th Place Heavyweights




I first started working with Todd Ganci in 2009, where I only had a little over a month between shows to make some noticeable changes... to get my physique leaner and where I wanted to be, I definitely achieved that through!! Todd designed a work out program, and a diet program to follow for work out days, cardio days, and my rest day which was tailored specifically for me! Any questions I had, Todd was there immediately with responses and always gave support to keep me on track. I continued to work with him in my off season to gain muscle mass and work on my symmetry, I knew with Todd’s expertise and knowledge, that I would achieve my dream of winning my Pro Card in 2010! In June 2010, I was on cloud 9, winning two Pro cards within two weeks apart!!! You too could have your dreams come true with! Thanks Todd you’re the best….

Debbie LeCuyer - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2010 INBF Northeast Classic - Ms. Fit Body Overall Winner

2010 INBF Fultons Fitness - Bodybuilding Overall Winner

2011 INBF Monster Mash - Figure Overall Winner

WNBF PRO CARD WINNER in Fitbody, Bodybuilding & Figure!!




I have been training off and on for over twenty years. During that time I would go through periods of getting bigger and stronger however I never looked as though I was actually in shape. I would make some gains but never enough to boast about. When I turned 40 I made a decision to change my entire training philosophy and to prepare for a body building competition. Because of this, I trained harder and attempted to set up a diet for myself. After about a month of not seeing any significant gains, I was referred to Todd at I told Todd that I was interested in competing in an all natural bodybuilding show but needed help. After I completed the Diet Questionnaire, Todd set me up with a personalized diet plan and made some adjustments in my training routine. This wasn’t a generic diet meant for everyone, it was specifically designed for me and my body type and body chemistry. I followed the plan that was designed for me to the “T” and lost a total of 55 pounds. My weight loss was mostly fat and I hardly lost any muscle. Throughout my training, I kept in communication with Todd via e-mail, he critiqued my body and made changes where needed to the diet and exercises. He answered all my questions and concerns no matter what they were. I went from 14% body fat in January to 4 % body fat by show time. I know of other body builders who had diets of their own but by show time they seemed flat and weren’t dialed in. Todd detailed out my entire week prior to the show and specifically, what I should be doing each half hour the day of the show. He mapped out the amounts of food, supplements to consider taking and “pumping up exercises” leading up to the prejudging portion of the competition. I WAS dialed in and peaked at exactly the right time. I would have never been able to do this without Todd and Because of Todd’s help, I placed first in novice lightweight division at the INBF Monster Mash. I never realized how important diet was to overall fitness until I went to Todd. Without his services, I would have never been able lose weight like I did let alone compete in a bodybuilding contest. I have learned so much about nutrition and my body from Todd and would recommend him and his services to anyone wanting to enter this sport or for anyone just wanting to get in shape!

Brian J. Regan - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2010 INBF Monster Mash - Novice Lightweight Winner





I feel SO much stronger! I see that you're right and less is more when it comes to exercises! I can't believe it because my mind was always trained to train MORE! The cravings for the bad food have passed and I am used to the diet/routine of everything... I am happy and motivated because I have progressed MORE in a few weeks than I did in the 5 months prior to signing up with you!

Taylor Gillette - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2nd Place - INBF Granite State Open - Novice Figure Tall

2nd Place - INBF Monster Mash - Open Figure Tall






Working with Todd has been one of the greatest blessings I have ever received. I started working with Todd during a very challenging point in my life- he not only taught me about proper diet and nutrition, but he opened the door to the way I view food. My attitude and feelings towards food are constantly changing- but as a fitness competitor, he has really helped me find a balance. A balance I did not think existed.

The wealth of knowledge he has provided for my diet has been completely priceless. Todd has not only changed my diet, but he influences my life every single day. Having him there to give me constant advice and guidance is something I will be forever grateful for! When a challenging situation arises, I often think of things he says… and having him as a soundboard has helped me tremendously. I honestly feel like he is there for me every step of the way- and he not only cares about my placing in competitions- but he cares about my life and how I am doing personally with my diet and training. There is nothing I could ever do to show my gratitude and thankfulness! Truly! My body has made drastic changes since I started working with him- the diet and training has helped to aid in an extreme transformation of my overall figure. Competing at a national level and having Todd with me through every hurdle and obstacle is something I am so fortunate to have! I cannot wait to continue through the next phase! And I know he will be there for that next level too! Thanks Todd! I appreciate all you have done with my diet, training regimen and you are the absolute best coach! Cannot wait to see all that is yet to come!

Stephanie Billings - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2008 Indianapolis State Championship 1st Place Class C

2009 Team Universe Figure Class F Winner & New IFBB Pro




"This was my first year back to bodybuilding after taking a couple years off. helped me get in the best shape of my life faster than I ever dreamed possible! I ate more food, felt stronger, became healthier and showed up at my personal best at the East Coast Championships. This all happened within 3 months of calling Todd. I will continue to use throughout the rest of my

bodybuilding career."

Joe Stokes




Jayza Rodriguez -  Lifetime Natural Competitor




This is the most comprehensive program that I have ever been part of. Todd walked me through every step, hour by hour, of the two weeks leading up to my competition. Not only did I feel great, but I was confident—a vital trait that helped me finish 1st in my division!

The best part about what Todd has taught me is that I not only needed to change my diet to compete, but that I needed to change my habits and lifestyle. My investment in Todd’s program will be paying me dividends forever. I have been competing since 1982, and I have never been in better shape than I am now at age 54! The expression “You are what you eat” has never been more appropriate, and I have Todd Ganci to thank for showing me the way!

William Young - NBI Pro-Am USA Masters Champion




Jeanette Fischetto - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2007 INBF Hercules Overall Winner Bodybuilding




"I am really impressed with the results and want to continue with you for the World Championships in November."

Rob Morton

Police/Fire/Military Musclemania Capital Classic




I have had a number of different nutritional coaches during my 15 years as a competitive bodybuilder and now physique athlete. These individuals took me through the off season right up to day of show. Hiring Todd Ganci was THE BEST DECISION of my competitive career. Within 3 weeks I knew I had hired the right coach. I saw changes that quickly!!! I was so impressed with the plan I received from Todd: 3 different meals plans for the week (cardio,training and rest). Everything was spelled out. There was no guess work on my part. Supplements, food, meal times were all listed. I DIDN'T HAVE TO THINK, I JUST HAD TO DO! This was the most thorough plan I had ever received! For all competitive athletes please know this: Day before, Day of and Day after my contests- Todd was available for me!!!! If I had any question, he responded to me immediately!!!! As a former bodybuilder himself, he knows how important show day is to you. He is right there for you!!!!! If you are serious about getting yourself in the best contest shape of your life - HIRE TODD GANCI !!!!!!!! I know he is the coach for me until the day I hang up my posing suit.

Kathy Hornbuckle




After the death of a friend I decided to return to competing, it had been 24 years and was fortunate to have known Todd from for many years and knew he was the person to design my custom diet. When I started I was lean as I think all year is the in season when it comes to fitness. My custom plan was complete with pages and pages of detailed info all tailored for my body chemistry.

There were choices on the menu so it never was mundane. I never felt tired and never felt hungry. Just how good is Todd ?? Exactly 7 days before my contest and the treacherous "prep week" I was called into work at National Grid and put on shift work due to an early October snow storm. My shift consisted of 16 hour days and a half hour each way commute which gave me 7 hours to train,sleep and prepare meals all the while I had no power. I contacted Todd and he made last minute day to day changes as he knew I had to be alert at work or I might not be alive to compete. Late Weds night my power was restored and on Thursday morning I completed over 80 hours for the week and was released off of my shift. 2 days until the show and again Todd was there to guide me to the finish. The diet was laser correct for me and on Saturday I was shredded and was complimented by many back stage on my conditioning, if they only knew my "prep week" lol. The end result

a 2nd in the men's open and a 3rd in the Men's Master. The trophies say that but in my eyes I could have not been in better shape period. My body was tired, my mind was tired and my posing was not up to my conditioning but after I went through I felt victorious! I look forward to next time when I have a normal prep week (with electricity) and I am not tired and beat. My posing will not let your diet down! You are the best

my friend! I will be your client for years to come!

Tom Bolduc

2011 Monster Mash - Open LW 2nd & Masters 3rd Place




Wanting to get back in shape, I decided to set a goal to get back on stage and compete, knowing it wasn't going to happen on my own, I reached out to Todd!!!!! Well were do I start????? I guess by saying thank you! This man gives you the tools and daily support to change your life. With a healthy diet and the proper supplements I did it!!! I lost 23 pounds in 16 weeks and feel like I did 15 years ago! Thank you!!! With out your help it never would have gone so smoothly. A reachable goal, the right mind set and....The Awesomest

Nutrition Coach in the World!!!!!! It can happen! Thanks so much, I am so proud of myself and have never felt better!

Stacy DeGelormo - Lifetime Natural Competitor




Hiring to design my custom contest diet and workout plan was the best decision I've ever made, period! They designed a plan that was specific to me and my chemistry. Everything was taken into consideration; when I woke up, when I took breaks at work, what time I worked out and when I went to bed. Everything was mapped out. I didn't have to do any thinking. There is nothing

"cookie-cutter" or "generic" about what professional diets does. In the past I have always done my own nutrition and contest prep. Thanks to, I actually enjoyed dieting and kept my sense of humor for the first time. I was eating more than twice as many carbs and doing 1/3 the amount of cardio than in the past, and I didn't perform any cardio at all until 6 weeks out from the contest. I arrived contest day in the best shape of my life to date! Nobody believed me when I told them how much food I was eating and how little cardio I was doing. What provides is far more than a plan. It is a learning

experience that you will take with you for the rest of your life. Todd doesn't just tell you what to do, he explains why in great detail and the results speak for themselves!

Gerard Martin - Lifetime Natural Competitor





First off, I have to say that this was the most amazing experience of my life. Not only did this diet and workout plan get me competition ready in only 3 months, but it completely changed my life. I was never happy with my body to begin with and after working with you my outlook about myself and my confidence went sky high! I never knew I could look and change my body with the diet and workout you gave me. I get compliments from friends and family about how they can't believe how much I've changed and what I look like now! I will never let myself go back to what I looked like before! You have so much knowledge about fitness and nutrition, it's unbelievable! After competing in 2 figure shows you've made me catch the competition bug and want to pursue this lifestyle for as long as I possibly can. You do amazing work and put so much time and effort into every single person you work with and that's what makes a difference because you really care about your clients and what they want. I would recommend you to anyone that asks about weight loss, competition or just self improvement. Thank you, again, so much for everything you've done and for turning my life around!

Marissa Marchetti - Lifetime Natural Competitor




I've trained as a natural bodybuilder for a long time and I began actually

competing in 2007...and for that whole time I thought I could do it on my own...but then I placed my trust in Todd Ganci and I reached a level I never could have on my own! The decision to hire Todd as a coach to take care of every single solitary step of the competition process is one of the wisest I've made in a long time...not only did it help me to place in the top 5 of my 2010 show (which was my goal), but it also changed the way my body functions (for the better!). I'm bigger, leaner, and most importantly, healthier than I'd ever thought I'd be, and I thank Todd for having such a positive improvement on my quality of life...the man knows what he's doing!

Dennis Giacomucci - Lifetime Natural Competitor




Thank you for helping me accomplish my goals! I've tried several other diet plans and trainers none of which got me to where I wanted to be. I've always been active, I was a competitive boxer, I now realize diet is the most important thing! Your approach is completely different from anything I've tried and it's by far the most effective. This was the best thing I've even done for myself! You made the process fun and exciting and prepared me for everything so I was confident on stage! Most

importantly you helped me become healthier and taught me how to eat correctly for life! I love my new lifestyle! You're the best!

Brittany MacDonald - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2009 INBFNortheast Classic - Novice Figure Tall Class Winner

2009 INBFNortheast Classic - Bikini Tall Class 3rd Place




I used to think it was necessary to perform cardio and carb deplete prior to contests. I couldn't have been more wrong! I started working with in January of 2003, to prepare me for the Musclemania in October of 2003. I did no cardio, no fat burners and had no low carb days. I came in bigger, fuller and shredded to the bone!

George Zanellato - Lifetime Natural Competitor

Police Officer




I just competed in my first figure competition and came in 2nd place and I can't wait to do it again! I could not have done it without Todd's personally designed program. I lost fat while not sacrificing strength and muscle and Todd was always super fast to respond to questions and to encourage and motivate me when I was plagued by insecurities and self-doubt. Prior to working with Todd I was counting macro nutrients at every meal which required a lot of effort but more importantly was working way too slowly for my needs. I was eating healthy foods and thought my diet was pretty clean but I was not getting the results I should have been getting for the low number of calories I was taking in. I was despondent because I was being so careful, counting and measuring and not cheating. I was extremely frustrated and thought there was really just something wrong with my metabolism. It wasn't until I started to work with Todd and started eating the foods that are right

for me and my body that the fat finally began to fly. My body had been transformed and, at 49 I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Todd. It is not even a week since my competition and while I did eat a little more than I usually do after the show, I continue to follow the diet because I simply do not crave foods that offer empty calories. My friends joke that I have great will power but that implies I want what they

are having and am exercising restraint and denying myself. But that's not the case. The cake, the cookies have lost their hold over me. I don't want them so I am not denying myself anything. I actually crave green veggies. Finally, while being lean and fit is important to me, being healthy is most important. Since working with Todd and following his advice on supplements as well as diet, I have not been sick, not even a sniffle. I no longer suffer debilitating pain from endometriosis and am actually symptom free. Fat gone, pain gone, what more could a girl want?

Caroline Oppenheim - Lifetime Natural Competitor

Principal Court Attorney




I hired to help me with a bodybuilding contest diet. My previous contest diet was one that I got out of a magazine. I lost fat on the diet, but I lost valuable muscle as well. And to make things worse, I used a bulking program from the same magazine only to get fat during the off-season. The diet I received from helped me lose 33 pounds of fat in 17 weeks while continuing to build muscle and stay strong in the gym. In addition to the diet, Todd provided me with a lot of helpful tips to make me look my best on stage. I suffer from osteoarthritis in my right hip. Before contacting, I was looking into having hip replacement surgery because the pain in my hip was so severe. Now, the pain is considerably less, and I can play with my boys without having to take medication afterwards. Thanks to Todd, I will never eat the same again!

Raymond Harvey





"I decided to compete in the Jan Tana Classic four weeks out from the contest. I didn't think four weeks was enough time to get ready. I showed up contest day totally dialed in! Thanks again!"

Linda McLaughlin - Lifetime Natural Competitor


IFBB Pro Fitness/Bodybuilding





James McGonigle - Lifetime Natural Competitor






I have always been in pretty good condition all my life. Before I started working with Todd Ganci of I had reached a plateau. I couldn't gain any more muscle, I lacked energy and I thought I had exercise induced asthma. Even though I have been working out and training myself for a very long time, Todd Ganci and his nutrition expertise, advice, diet and workout plans have transformed my body tremendously! My recent pics from the 07 NPC Team Universe show just that! Within a few weeks of working with Todd my muscle mass increased, my body fat decreased, my metabolism increased, my skin

got nicer, clearer, thinner, and my spirit got uplifted too. In the past I had difficulty sleeping through the night, now I sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed. I will not take any nutrition or so called "diet" advice from anyone but Todd. He knows his foods, and he practices what he preaches, therefore I feel secure and trust him.... Fitness to me is a life style, and I like working with

someone who lives it.

Yenny Polanco - Lifetime Natural Competitor

Fitness Model, Fitness & Figure Competitor

2007 INBF NE Classic Fitness Winner

2007 NPC New England Fitness Winner

2007 NPC Team Universe 3rd Place Fitness





Braxton Rose - Lifetime Natural Competitor





After two disappointing years placing at the Monster Mash and the Worlds, I was at my lowest point in Bodybuilding. Weeks before contests I looked “good” however on show day I would look smooth. While in tears at the Monster Mash I spoke to a competitor whom I had spoken to on and off at other contests over my career. I began asking her questions about her diet and peaking for shows and she recommended that I reach out to Todd Ganci. Todd put together my workout schedule, supplements, and a food plan. I did not know what to expect and was committed to giving it at least one more try.  I made a commitment to be open, to follow his plan to the “T” as he says and see – if I did as instructed what the outcome would be. Through it all, Todd answered ALL my questions (and I had many!) and calmed me down when I had a meltdown! :) Todd adjusted my plan accordingly throughout the process, he was there with me every step of the way. He assisted me with every aspect of contest preparation and the results were more than I imagined. Coming from last place to finishing in the top 3 at the WNBF Pro American show was more than I expected! Without Todd it just would not have possible and I am grateful for having the opportunity to work with him!

Claire Holston

Lifetime Natural Competitor





I lost 17 lbs- but all body huh, I am back in a size 2 Yeah!!! Thanks!

Stacy Moutafis

Fitness Model/Competitor





The cliche goes "You don't know what you've got until it's gone". How true in my case. In 2003, I began competing in figure just to see if I could be successful. I had 2 small kids, ages 6 and 16 months and managed to win my first show. After that I was hooked. I had transformed myself into a strong, lean, healthy woman, but I had one major flaw. After every show I would binge uncontrollably, gain 15-20lbs and feel like a complete failure. It was embarrassing to let my clients

see me do this each time. I did this 7 times, each time vowing, I wouldn't do it again. In March of 2005, I had the privilege of working a booth at the Arnold Classic and participating in the fashion show. I had to work extremely hard consistently while prepping for a show to be presentable. At the time, I was going through some very sad personal issues and when I arrived home from Ohio, I completely lost it. I binged

consistently for over a year. In November of 2005, I was diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck that caused considerable pain. During that time, I maintained my workouts, but had to learn how to modify many of my traditional exercises. It was very painful and frustrating. On Thanksgiving, I finally weighed myself and had gained 35 pounds over the past year. I was devastated. I hit an all time high of 163 pounds. I felt that I would never compete again or be able to get back in many

of my favorite clothes. In March of 2006, I was surfing the net and found As I scrolled through, I found a girl I used to compete with. Her transformation was incredible! I emailed Todd, inquired about his program and then signed up. I received an extremely detailed, customized and comprehensive plan. I have never experienced a change in my physique as fast as I have with his program. In 13 weeks, we accomplished what would have taken most people 6 months or more. He customized the program to meet my needs and made modifications as necessary along the way. I am so grateful to be back in the game and did my first show after a 19 months break on July 29th. I won the Overall Figure Title. I highly recommend! Todd literally showed me the door and

I ran through it! Thank you!!

Sara Morin - 2006 OCB Natural Yankee Classic - Overall Figure




"Thank you for your support and guidance. You go above and beyond! I was obese as a child so I'm amazed that I won the first bodybuilding contest I've entered! Thanks again for helping me achieve a life-long goal!"

Heather Pathoomvanh - Manager of Powerhouse Gym, Bellingham, MA  -  2006 USBF Northeast Natural Masters Winner





I competed in a couple of bodybuilding and figure competitions in 2004, 2005. I stopped competing as I had a career which included significant travel of 2-5 days per week. The fall and winter of 2010 brought me a lot of personal changes. I moved, quit my job, then I broke my right hand in a skiing accident. The next few months, I put on a lot of extra weight. Discouraged with my body and determined to get my physique of 5 years ago back, I decided to enter a figure competition. After 3 weeks of going at it alone I got discouraged as I was not seeing much significant

change. I was reading an article in the Natural Bodybuilding magazine and that was the first time I heard of Todd Ganci. I went to his website and hired him right away. I started working with Todd in the end of April, 2011 and my show was scheduled for mid July, 2011 (only 9 weeks away). I wasn't sure I could get to where I wanted to be in such a short time. Todd assured me that I would be ready and within a few weeks,

I started adjusting to my new food and lifting regimen and started seeing dramatic changes. By my show in mid July, I had lost 12 pounds of fat and was the leanest and healthiest I had ever been in my life at 41 years old. My fiance and friends were floored with the changes. One of the best "side effects" was that my period, which is usually heavy and extremely painful (I have been to the ER on two occasions from excruciating cramps) were light and easy. I learned from Todd that when you fuel your body appropriately it performs the way it is supposed to! I gained my confidence and my energy back. When I was flying home from the competition in July, several people stopped me in the airport to tell me how incredible I looked and asked me what I did and how I did it! After the show in July, I continued to train and in early October competed a second time. I received my pro card in the figure division!! Todd then tweaked my diet to help me train for a 1/2 marathon at the end of October. At the race, there were about 1800 participants and 70% were women. I won the master's division and was 5th overall female! I have run all my life (12 marathons and numerous 1/2 marathons) but had never changed my eating habits! Todd is an absolute pleasure to work with! He responds to emails very quickly, he

is professional, encouraging and direct! I loved knowing exactly what to do, there was never any guessing. I would and have recommended Todd to anyone wanting to feel better, look better or perform better! THANK YOU TODD!

Jen Yohn-Juhlin - Lifetime Natural Competitor WNBF PRO CARD WINNER & Marathon Runner




For quite a while I was caught up in the vicious cycle of deprivation diets leading only to cravings of anything and everything, irritability and minimal, if any, results. I was referred to and was given a tailor-made diet unique to my goals and my body's needs. Shortly after starting my plan, my overall energy/attitude had changed- it was evident to me how depleted I was in the past. They closely monitored my progress and as my body transformed, my plan was

adjusted to meet these needs to ensure maximal results. has mastered the ability to sustain one's lean body mass with essential and restorative nutrition. I strongly recommend that you let them change your life like they did mine!!!

Pepper Sheeley - NPC New York - Figure Tall Winner

Gold's Gym 12 Week Transformation Contest Winner




"You have been an incredible force behind what I've accomplished, and I can't thank you enough.  The diet and cardio prescriptions are exactly what I always fell short with when I competed in the past.  I was always fortunate to have the muscle size and development, but never could get this level of conditioning. When I tell people that I've only lost about 6-7 pounds since day 1, they are AMAZED that I've kept all this muscle.  They all have said - you had a great diet to follow if that happened!"

Rachelle Cannon






Before entered my life I viewed food as just that food. I was always a healthy eater & exercise regularly but I ate what I wanted whenever I wanted. The energy was never there the foods that I ate wore me down. By body was not what I desired. Todd Ganci of changed all that for me. He set a diet for me that included the foods, proper supplements & a workout plan my body had been craving. The appetite within me grew. My body took a transformation I never thought possible. I now view food as my fuel the

fuel to sculpture my body into a beautiful piece of art. Through my diet, discipline & hard work I place third in my first open Figure show. Wow! Thank you!

Maddy Santiago - Lifetime Natural Competitor





Before I started working with Todd Ganci at, I was about 22% body fat, lacking confidence, and feeling sluggish. Now I am 11% body fat, extremely happy and confident with my appearance, and more energetic than ever! Todd provides you with meal plans and scheduled eating times and constantly gives you guidance and support throughout the process. Thank you so much for your help!

Krystal Gallagher - Lifetime Natural Competitor





For the past few years I have always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding show. Knowing myself, the workouts were not the major obstacle, rather the diet necessary to allow me to be a true competitor. Friends recommended assuring me it was just the support needed to help me get on stage. My program was structured specifically to my body’s needs. In twelve weeks I got on stage and felt great – five weeks in a row! I was bitten by the competition bug and has become part of my lifestyle. My competition life has started with quite a bang; I could not have done it without you! Thank you for everything!”

Cara Lombardo - Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder

2006 OCB Spirit Of America Overall Winner

2006 Musclemania Atlantic Overall Winner

2006 INBF Monster Mash Overall Winner

2006 INBF New York Natural Overall Winner

2006 NPC Northern States Overall Winner





Through the years i have tried many different diets from no carbs to no fat diets, all of which I never had results anywhere near the results I got from using Todd's dieting advice. In just a matter of a month i started seeing changes in my body I never thought i could achieve!! Todd truely knows his stuff, and I couldn't have asked for better dieting advice!! With his help and knowledge of dieting, training and the sport its self I placed in the top 5 at the two shows I entered. I couldn't have done it without him. Thanks Todd for your dedication and for your patience with dealing with me whining and all my pestering emails :) I have no doubt that if you too use you can also reach your goals!!

Samantha Bertolozzi





Kelly Hansen - Lifetime Natural Competitor





 Melissa Romanaux  -  Lifetime Natural Competitor





Thank you for helping me earn my WNBF Pro Card! I would not have been able to do it without your expertise and added push, not to mention your amazing patience! I also appreciated your input on the contests you thought I should enter. I really can't thank you enough. Working with you has been one of the smartest decision I have made in this sport. You rock! I can't stress enough how impressed I was with my progress and even more so with your incredible knowledge of nutrition and contest dieting. Even though I know you are extremely busy helping tons of other competitors, there were times when I felt like I was the only one you were working with. I still can't believe that in a matter of 24 hours, two of my biggest goals in the sport were achieved--getting my pro card and having the opportunity to pose for a magazine photo shoot.

Melissa DiBernardo - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2006 INBF Hercules Figure Overall Winner




The diet is going sooo good! People are asking me if I have a show coming up soon because I have leaned out so much! Everyone at the gym is amazed at how my body has changed! My waist feels half the size it was, my abs are shredded! I am so excited! I feel so much better too, my stomach which has bothered me for a long tine no longer hurts! Thank You so much for all your help!!!

Erin Magee

Figure Competitor/Fitness Model




"I am well, have never felt this good in life and again, want to say thanks. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and love the new look."

Paula Northern





Andree Allaire





When I decided to do my first figure competition (at age 45, with three kids, working full-time and a two hour daily commute) I felt I knew a fair amount about nutrition, lifting weights and cardio. Already, I was working with a skilled trainer and had a solid base and good conditioning and had brought my body fat down to about 19%. But with just over four months to go, I was concerned that I’d be all over the place with my diet and quite possibly not reach my potential without some expert guidance. I was referred to Todd Ganci by a mentor/long-time body-builder, who

said that he was one of the best in the business. Todd quickly put together the first of several custom programs and began to monitor my progress every two weeks. The program was comprehensive and included food and supplements; as well as a weight-lifting plan and cardio schedule. I’ve never been consistent with diets, but I trusted him and decided to give it a go. I found that not only was I staying on it, but

I was very happy with it. It was clear, well structured and manageable; contained a variety and quantity of food; and took into account my tastes and body chemistry along with my schedule. It was a relief to not have to guess at what to eat when. I felt calm, clear-headed and strong and my energy level was amazing. Todd was always responsive to questions and was very encouraging and supportive throughout. He made changes to the program as I went along and I saw progress

steadily. Ultimately, he detailed the schedule for the week prior to and the day of the show. I think my bodyfat was ultimately about 13%. I was thrilled with the results, went into the contest feeling confident and did very well!

Esther Alpert - Lifetime Natural Competitor

2009 OCB Presidential Cup - 1st Place Masters 45+

Attorney for Alpert Associates

Mother of 3




From the time I began working with Todd until my first show at the beginning of May, I had lost 17 pounds. I placed 5th in Women's Lightweight and 6th in Women's Masters at that show. I decided to compete in three consecutuve shows in June. The first June show I placd 4th in Women's Lightweight and 5th in Women's Masters. I told Todd what the judges comments were and asked him if there were any changes I could make to improve in the last two shows. Of course, Todd was very helpful and my standing improved. I placed 3rd in Women's Masters and 4th in Women's Open at the next show and at the last show I placed 3rd in both Masters and Lightweight Open and entered the competition at my leanest! I lost almost 25 pounds in about 6 months working with will work for the general population as well as bodybuilders. it can work for anyone because Todd promotes healthy living as a lifestyle not as a "diet". He frequently writes articles on this subject. Two of my favorite are "There is no off season" and "Renaissance View of Competition". Todd is very supportive and each plan is designed specifically for each client. There is constant personal contact through e-mails. Sending photos each week is key so that he can evaluate and make adjustments as needed. My competition is over for 2007, but I will continue to work with Todd in my off season and to prepare to compete in 2008. I believe that with discipline, commitment, and anyone can achieve weight loss and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Todd and, for your continued support and encouragement!

Rita Concepcion - Lifetime Natural Competitor





First and foremost, I need to thank you! I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and plan to continue to use your plan and suggestions to maintain my weight loss. I was an obese child and have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I have been weight training and eating clean consistently for about 8 years, while still having a difficult time with maintaining my weight. Prior to contacting I had been stuck. I ate clean, I trained hard, did massive amounts of cardio and still no weight loss. After using your diet I experienced the first drop in weight that I had seen in quite a long time. Using your nutritional plan

I lost 14 pounds and managed to take first place in the overall women’s USBF New England Natural Bodybuilding open class. All of my questions were answered in a complete and timely fashion. I tell my friends, including those who do not want to compete about your approach to nutrition and how effective it is. I have never felt better! Thanx again!

Marybeth J. Mosher - Lifetime Natural Competitor

Special Education Teacher








Jay Cutler

"Prior to working with I was unknowingly consuming foods that were wreaking havoc on my system for years! They helped me unlock some secrets for growth and conditioning that surprised even me! I consumed a virtually all-organic diet all year round which made a difference in my health and my physique. I was consuming more food as the 2006 Olympia approached instead of less as I've done in the past. Most importantly it was the correct food for my body's chemistry and the difference was amazing, a Sandow!!"

Jay Cutler - 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010 Mr. Olympia


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Krystal Gallagher

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