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I grew up in a big, hard working Middle Class family; I was the third of five kids. I was an extremely picky eater growing up, virtually all I liked was sweets, junk food, cereal and hamburgers. My parents used to find 5lb. bags of sugar under my bed. I used to eat it by the handful. I was wired out of my mind! I was a sugar addict and I have the fillings to prove it!



I struggled with severe allergies growing up, I received allergy shots for years and I'd still sneeze non-stop in the Spring until I'd almost pass out. My allergist told me I was allergic to numerous things including pollen, mold and grass. It wasn't until I was older and studying Natural Medicine that I discovered it was a single, common food I was consuming that was the culprit. It was making my immune system hypersensitive to everything. It looked at benign particles as life threatening invaders! After giving it up for a month, I never sneezed again from allergies and never received another allergy shot again.



I was dating a girl who had been suffering with reoccurring bone tumors since she was

a child. I came along for an office visit to see her long-time bone tumor specialist. I asked him if he believed her diet could be contributing to the growth of the bone tumors and if there was something she could do nutritionally to prevent them from coming back. His response is tattooed on my brain and it's one of the reasons I started studying Nutrition and Natural Medicine. He said, "let me tell you something about nutrition, it has nothing to do with anything. If she gets up and wants chocolate cake she should have it. That's why we're lucky we live in America, we can pull up to a fast food drive up window when we're hungry, if we lived in a tribe in Africa we'd have to eat roots. I asked him, "what about the saying, you are what you eat". He said, hogwash, you're not giving your body enough credit, it can use almost anything as food" I asked, "Isn't it true that you didn't have to complete a single course on nutrition to receive your MD?" He replied, "Yes, that's true" I asked, "Then are you qualified to be giving her, me or anyone else advice on nutrition?" He later asked my girlfriend not to bring me to future appointments. She later changed her diet and never had a bone tumor recurrence. It's been over 30 years!


I've been involved in the Fitness Industry since 1979. I'm a Naturopath (ND) and member

of the ANMA.


My mission is to help you reach your goals, improve your health and teach you how to

eat correctly for your individual system for life!



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